Drying chambers with fork-lift or trolley loading

The static kiln dryer are simple equipments, versatile, of ease operating and low cost investment.
The artificial drying process optimizes the wood drying time, increasing the production capacity, making your company more competitive.


Drying capacity 50m³ to 100m² per chamber;
Drying chamber construyed in masonry or metallic roof.

How does it work?

The drying occurs by air indirect heating and forced ventilation, using radiators and reverse flow fans, humidity sensors controlled by humid bulb and dry buld thermometers and renewing air dampers.

This equipment comes with all dryer manual control components, valves, purges, motors, fans and reamining materials.
Bigger fans with fixed pans, oversized to give highter ventilation and uniform air pressure.
Fined pipe radiators that guarantee higher thermic efficiency.

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