Equipment designed to receive blocks and semi-blocks, sawing them into boards, with 1 to 12 heads per machine.


Soft blade tensioning system

Safety sensors in saw and the cover

Automatic lubrication system

Extra safety features

Extra direct cleaning system

Minimum wood thickness5 mm5 mm5 mm
Maximum block height310 mm310 mm370 mm
Wood width50 to 210 mm100 to 350 mm100 to 450 mm
Wood length500 to 3.000 mm500 to 3.000 mm600 to 3.000 mm
Softwood feed speed20 to 30 m/min (inverter)10 to 20 m/min (inverter) 10 to 30 m/min (inverter)
Hardwood feed speed5 to 10 m/min (inverter)3 to 8 m/min (inverter)3 to 9 m/min (inverter)
Estimated productionDepends on number of headsDepends on number of headsDepends on number of heads
Equipment length5.300 mm + 1.000 for each head5.300 mm + 1.000 for each head6.100 mm + 1.500 for each head
Equipment height1.600 mm1.600 mm2.000 mm
Equipment width2.100 mm2.300 mm2.750 mm
Equipment weightVariesVariesVaries
Feeding conveyor width150 mm250 mm350 mm
Return conveyor width210 mm350 mm450 mm
Saw motor20 hp25 hp30 hp
Infeed motor3 hp / 5 hp / 7,5 hp / 10 hp3 hp / 5 hp / 7,5 hp / 10 hp3 hp / 5 hp / 7,5 hp / 10 hp
Thickness adjustment motor (optional)1,5 hp1,5 hp1,5 hp
Switch gearAutomatic electronic panelAutomatic electronic panelAutomatic electronic panel
Electrical cablesNot IncludedNot IncludedNot Included
Saw blade widthNot Included32 mm (1.1/4")63,5 mm (2.1/2")
Saw blade length4.220 mm4.820 mm5.700 mm
Saw blade thickness0,9 to 1,1 mm0,9 to 1,1 mm1,1 mm
Cutting thickness1,7 mm1,7 mm1,9 mm
Bandwheel diameter700 mm700 mm900 mm