Learn More About Mill Industries

Mill Group was founded on the 1st of July, 1996 by Armando De Zorzi, and initially manufactured blades and machinery for the lumber industry.

Through a spirit of innovation, he was a pioneer in Brazil in the manufacture of straight-profile saws of 1 ¼” width to cut wood on a large scale. Since then, Mill has changed what it means to cut wood in Brazil, emphasizing high recovery and utilization, with finer and finer cuts and less waste.

In 2008, Mill modernized our manufacturing facilities by investing in technology and business, and now runs the most modern manufacturing enterprise in Latin America for square-tooth, straight-profile saws, rectified and tempered, ensuring a superior level of material quality and durability.

Starting in 2009, Mill partnered with one of the biggest steel producers in Brazil and, after 2 years of research and development, launched our line of wide band saws to provide every sector of the wood industry with a high-quality, durable product, capable of competing with the best steel in Brazil and the world.

Taking advantage of our unrivaled manufacturing campus, years of experience in wood saws, and after 3 years of joint research with meat industry professionals in Southern Brazil, Mill decided to launch its first line of meat and woodwork saws, diversifying our lines of business.